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  • Egyptian papyrus scrolls shed light on a mysterious joint disease

    [15 Sep 2014] German doctor Hans Reiter claimed credit during the 1930s for having identified the rheumatic disease reactive arthritis. Scientists at the Sahlgrenska Academy can now reveal that the disease was known thousands of years ago, a discovery that sheds new light on how diseases become established and spread through the centuries.

  • Soon time to apply for short PG level course in Person-centred Care

    [4 Sep 2014] Soon time to apply for short PG level course in Person-centred Care

  • Many Nurses Unprepared to Meet Dying Patients

    [26 Aug 2014] Most nurses in their work care for patients who are dying. A study of more than 200 students has shown that many nurses in training feel unprepared and anxious when faced with the prospect of meeting patients during en-of-life care.

  • More than one third of booked operations are re-booked

    [25 Aug 2014] More than one third of all planned orthopaedic surgery procedures are re-booked, postponed or cancelled completely. The most common reasons are cancellation at the patient´s own request or emergency cases having to be prioritised. These are the findings of a study carried out by the Sahlgrenska Academy in association with Sahlgrenska University Hospital.

  • Protein May Provide the Key to Arresting Development of Diabetes

    [21 Aug 2014] The STK25 protein contributes to cell growth. Researchers at Sahlgrenska Academy have discovered that the protein also affects metabolism, demonstrating that elevated levels accelerate the progress of diabetes in mice.

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