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  • New Treatment Avenues for Mental Fatigue

    [24 Apr 2014] The drug methylphenidate, which stimulates the central nervous system, provides an effective treatment for those who suffer from mental fatigue. This is the conclusion of studies carried out at the Sahlgrenska Academy and presented in a new book.

  • The Surface Area of the Digestive Tract "only" as Large as a Studio Apartment

    [22 Apr 2014] The internal surface area of the gastro-intestinal tract has long been considered to be between 180 and 300 square meters. Scientists at the Sahlgrenska Academy have used refined microscopic techniques that indicate a much smaller area. "Actually, the inner surface of the gastro-intestinal tract is only as large as a normal studio apartment," says scientist Lars Fändriks.

  • More Cadmium in the Kidneys But Lower Risk of Harm

    [17 Apr 2014] People who have been exposed to cadmium have higher levels of this heavy metal in the kidneys than previously thought. At the same time, the harmful effects of cadmium on the kidneys are less than calculated, and future studies should rather focus on its effects on the skeleton. These are the conclusions of research carried out at the Sahlgrenska Academy.

  • Awarded for research that may provide better treatment of glandular cancer

    [15 Apr 2014] The 2014 Assar Gabrielsson Award is presented to Doctor of Medicine Marta Persson for her research into how normal cells can turn into cancer cells. By combining basic cancer research with clinical information, the results can boost the development of better treatment for patients with salivary gland tumours. Marta Persson will receive the award and 50,000 SEK.

  • Request for the establishment of project-linked doctoral projects

    [8 Apr 2014] All institutions at the Sahlgrenska Academy are invited to make an inventory of appropriate doctoral projects and establish them for the next call for project-linked doctoral positions this spring 2014.

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